Year 10 Work Experience

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From 26th June to 7th July 2017 our Year 10 students undertook two weeks of work experience. Placements were varied, ranging from working in a donkey sanctuary to supporting the neo-natal unit at a local hospital and stretched as far afield as Bristol.


The overall experience proved enjoyable for our students and feedback was positive. The RSA Academy would like to thank employers who supported our students with this invaluable experience which will enhance their CVs.


It’s impossible to include all of the positive feedback received but here are a few:


Davina: The GAP Centre

Had a wonderful placement, and was offered a job at the end of her time there


Adam: AS Rubber & Plastics

Worked very well at the company where Dad works, Dad very surprised to see him doing jobs that he never expected Adam to be doing.


Tommy-Lee: Western Power Distribution

Really happy with what he’s achieved while he was with us


Kyle:  Juniper Training Centre

Thank you so much for allowing Kyle to attend Juniper as part of his work placement. Kyle represented the RSA Academy in such a great light; his professionalism and manners were outstanding. He has been such a pleasure to work with; he completed tasks given to the highest of standards. His time keeping and attendance throughout the two weeks were perfect.


Tegan: Smarty Pants Nursery

Tegan interacted well with both staff and children and became more confident each day


Elle Louise: Christ Church Primary

Happy to help teachers and students in each class she was in, hardworking and enthusiastic


Olivia: Serco Ltd

Olivia was given a full week of working within different areas in Serco.  She spent time with Administration and Reception, Fleet, Waste, Cleansing, Trade Waste and also Communications. She was punctual, very pleasant, polite and friendly. She engaged in all the activities that she was tasked with and communicated very well. Olivia will do very well moving forward and should have no problem fitting into any work place.


Katie: Bliss Hair Salon

Katie was extremely tired after being on feet all day but enjoyed it. She was popular with customers and staff.


Sophie: Ocker Hill Junior School

Sophie enjoyed helping students and was enthusiastic and keen to get involved


Caitlin: Glebefields Library

Working really hard and learning all aspects of library work


Connor: SIPS Education

I’ve had so many compliments about his work, he’s really impressed all the staff he’s worked with.

Yesterday, he accompanied me to a secondary school where I ran an enterprise challenge day with groups of primary pupils; the staff at the school and teachers who came with the primary students came to speak to me to say how well he was supporting the pupils. He was also a massive help to me as he kept the day running smoothly, using his initiative with supporting pupils and keeping everywhere tidy throughout the challenge. He has always been eager to work, learn new things and has been a pleasure have around.


Zachary: Teczo Ltd

Worked really hard, created an app that we are happy to make if it is a good enough standard. Spent some time working on hardware, repairing projectors and defragging computers.


Macaley: AK Autostop

Doing a great job, does exactly as told, just the one problem, his overall is too small!


Paige: Raven Hairdressers

Paige was quiet at first but becoming more confident and was shampooing customer’s hair by the end of the first week.


Matthew: Dudley NHS, Neo-Natal Unit/Children’s Ward

Everywhere I went everyone who had contact with Matthew went out of their way to inform me of how impressed they were with him and in my 5 years of coordinating the work experience programme this has never happened!  In particular, a Sister on the Children’s Ward said Matt sat with a patient and played with them, something the Nurses no longer have time for. Matt was eager to learn, help and was enthusiastic not always apparent with some students. If Matt choses a career in any medical field he has a distinct advantage of being someone everyone warms to. For my part Matt was a pleasure to meet and a credit to you all.


Connor: The Local Shop

Very happy with Connor who is thriving, he’s very polite and respectful


Daniel: Boots, West Bromwich

He is by far the best student we’ve had in 11 years and, had he been old enough, would have been offered a job on the spot. He was given every task imaginable and he fulfilled and exceeded our expectations. We were short staffed and he filled that gap admirably.  We were genuinely sad when Daniel left on Friday.


Thank you to the organisations who have once again partnered with us to offer our students the invaluable opportunity of Work Experience.

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