Thresholds, Rewards & Administration


Bronze – 50 credits            Silver – 100 credits         Gold – 200 credits          Platinum – 300 credits   Diamond – 450 credits

Bronze and Silver – students receive a certificate (in assembly/tutor), badge and sticker (for their planner).

Year 11 students must achieve Silver if they are to go to the prom.

Gold – certificate in assembly, badge, sticker, access to end of year trip/event (y7– 10)





  • Credit collection cards are available from house offices.
  • Students should carry their credit collection cards in their inside blazer pockets.
  • Students receive credits on their collection cards from staff in line with the credit tariffs.
  • Staff award credits by either using their stamper or signing inside the boxes on student credit collection cards.
  • Students should present their credit collection cards to their tutors on a weekly basis so that tutors can log additional credits achieved each week.
  • Credit accumulations added on GO trigger the generation of certificates.
  • League Tables will be displayed (outside F14) showing the leading tutor group and the leading house with the most credits, on a weekly basis.
  • There will also be a weekly house league table of the house with the most credits minus the number of negative points accumulated.
  • There is a dedicated section on the RSA website that will contain the names of all certificate winners and the league tables.

Credit Collection

If students wish to they can stick their credit collection card into their planners or continue to use it separately.



  • Y7 – 11 – Students should be aware that negative events can cancel out credits and possibly result in non-attendance on trips, even if the stipulated number of credits have been achieved.

Post 16 have a separate rewards and celebration system. This currently includes the y13 graduation event, letters of congratulation that are sent home (each term) and the end of year awards ceremony.