Testimonials and Alumni

Dear all my fantastic and inspiring previous teachers and staff of the RSA Academy,

I want to properly thank you / say goodbye to you as I just started year 13 in Norway now.

I want to deeply thank you all for the fantastic experience in year 12.  You are truly a group of motivated, inspiring people who have been contributing and made impressions on me throughout the year. The year was challenging, but you all managed to push the International students in just the right way and it was a good experience to go to the school.

I have had the most intensive year of my life and I just can’t seem to express my appreciation enough. I thank you all for being inspiring teachers that respect and motivate young teenagers.

I never got to say goodbye properly to any of you and it breaks my heart as I owe you all a deep thank you.
The academic level of the school is nothing to take for granted and I want you to know that I do appreciate it. I have reflected up on the knowledge you have given me in the subjects I studied and I believe all of it is going to stay relevant for the rest of my life.

Hopefully I will manage to pay you all a visit throughout the year, but I am deeply focused with my last year of school now because you have inspired me to consider University in England – which I am really aiming for.

Please have a good year, and take care of the students in which I am sure you will do. Keep up the fantastic work!

Kindest regards,

Helena B