The IBCP provides students with the opportunity to further their academic studies whilst becoming proficient in their chosen vocational area and industry standard skills.  Students will study:

  • The IBCP core which provides the opportunity for students to use their existing skills and knowledge in real-life situations that will be linked to their vocational studies.  The will dedicate approximately 50 hours’ time to the programme.
  • One career-related (vocational) subject from: Music Technology, Sport, Health and Social Care, Performing Arts and Engineering
  • Two or three International Baccalaureate Diploma Certificates from the groups below:
Group 3 Group 4 Group 6
History Biology Dance
Geography Physics Theatre Studies
Business Environmental Science Film Studies
Psychology Design Technology Visual Arts
  • Study either French, German or Spanish.  Whilst a study of a language is a compulsory element of the IBCP, it is not a requirement to take a final exam in the subject.
  • Approaches to learning focuses on transferrable skills and skills for the workplace.  A minimum of 80 hours will be devoted to this.
  • Reflective Project.  This could be an essay, a website, a short film, play or storyboard that focuses on an ethical dimension of an issue arising from the vocational studies subject.