Head Student’s Message

I believe firmlyovenden-neve that education is the remedy to discrimination. Where there is ignorance there is the risk of misunderstanding or manipulation. The Multi Faith Museum, through education, is aiming to tackle that in our community, in which the issue is certainly a prevalent one, and – fantastically – it could be replicated in schools across the country.In my role I hope to create and maintain an effective network of student voice representatives and groups. I want to encourage students to express their passions and opinions unabashedly and proudly and to develop valuable skills in public speaking and teamwork in the process. This year student voice will extend beyond the boundaries of the school gates, out into the wider community, and the world that it’s sometimes easy to forget we are a part of. That, at least, is the plan.

Neve Ovenden

bevan-morganAs head boy I am driven to not only address the conditions of my role by improving volunteering within the academy, but also implement my regard for self-expression because it allows students to search within themselves and understand things that otherwise would be shorted by doubt or lack of confidence. 

Being an active member of the community and offering a helping hand in as much as possible has taught me that no matter our race, creed or faith, that we are all equal. One of the things a feel most strongly about is breaking down the barrier between religious minorities and youth so that younger students are able explore the diversity that sits right on our doorsteps.

Morgan Bevan

poulton-georgiaI am passionate about volunteering in the community and improving the Academy’s relationships with local companies and organisations. I believe that volunteering is a selfless way of giving back to the community, and allows students to value things both inside and outside of the Academy.

I have taken an active role in the Academy’s Multifaith and Culture museum, as I believe the museum has the potential to be a catalyst for raising awareness of other cultures, tradtions and faiths in the Sandwell area, and reducing prejudice in our school especially. The museum and the volunteering opportunities provide a platform for students to look at new cultures and explore the diversity that resides  in our home town.

Georgia Poulton