Please find link below for kerboodle:


Kerboodle works alongside classroom teaching to provide learning content and assessment materials for students to work independently on the areas they need to develop. We currently have subsctriptions for Science, Languages and Humanities. 

The Step by step guide below shows you how to sign up

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Enter your details. It is important you do this correctly.

It needs to be your first initial, followed by your surname.

The Institution Code is the same for everyone (rj5)

For example, John Smith would be

Username: jsmith

Password: jsmith

Institution Code: rj5

Step 3

Choose this logo for the subject area you want to revise. 

Step 4

Select ‘Resources’ from the tab, then go to the different units and look through the materials.


For quizzes and tests, choose the ‘Assessment’ tab