Pupil Premium

Proposed spend of pupil premium 2016/2017

The RSA is committed to providing effective resources and ensuring vital support is in place for our disadvantaged students to improve their academic outcomes. For the financial year 2016/17 the RSA Academy received actual revenue of £343,574.00. This level of funding has been derived from the number of pupils eligible based upon the January 2016 census and Free School Meal (FSM) history on all School Censuses since 2009, known as ‘Ever 6.’

The five key objectives:

1. Transition: improve transition and attainment outcomes for PP* students to ensure attainment is in line with or exceeding expected levels of progress

2. Literacy: intensive intervention to improve the reading age of all students who fall below national expectations for reading and functional literacy

3. Engagement: improve curriculum engagement and academic achievement for PP students across the Academy

4. Attendance: implement strategies to promote good attendance of PP students and reduce the attendance gap between PP and non PP students

5. Behaviour: implement strategies addressing the exclusion gap between PP and non PP students

Below you will find our Pupil Premium Policy and our Latest Pupil Premium Spending Review documents.