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Firstly, a warm welcome to the new website. It has been a long time coming but worth it in the end. As an Academy we’ve tried to listen to feedback to improve our communications. The team has done a great job in listening, consulting parents, students and staff to try to get the right balance between ease of use, content and appearance. If you have useful feedback on how we might improve the website further, please get in touch.

Earlier this term we had our Post-16 graduation awards ceremony. It was fantastic to see so many faces and hear great stories of international travel (visiting friends made in the sixth form) and tales of university or work life. It really was heart-warming to hear students and parents thanking staff. They talked not only about the great teaching but also of the opportunities and experiences that Post-16 at the RSA had given them. In a time when educational reform happens overnight and becomes increasingly focused on the narrow metrics of exams, it’s refreshing to hear that our students put such store in experiences and their wider development. After all it is the development of the softer skills or competences that give them the edge in later life.

At the other end of the age range RSA8 young leaders have been gaining the sort of experience that their older peers found most memorable. The young leadership team has been working with our senior student leaders and young leaders from across the RSA Family on a number of leadership initiatives. One of the most significant being Takeover Day at the RSA in London.

We’ve also had some great sporting news this term with a professional contract at Wolverhampton Wanderers for one of our former students, Tendai, and a scholarship at West Brom for Jordan Piggott; we’re delighted when young people excel. Hopefully, we’ll see more of this as the Football Academy goes from strength to strength.

From football skills to library quests! Our library quiz team are through to the finals and another opportunity for the team to explore their talents! On another literary note our Y10 students had a wonderful time with Brendan Hawthorne, the first ever Poet Laureate for Wednesbury. Let’s hope one of them is inspired to become the next! Continuing the Arts theme our Year 7 and 8 boys are developing their dancing talents with a series of workshops funded by the Police. I’m looking forward to seeing them perform in a few weeks’ time.

Schools have to be about more than just the grades; but the grades are the keys to the doors. Once they are opened it’s the skills, attitudes, competences and experiences that make the difference. Our website should now be better at supporting parents and students with getting the ‘keys’ (see the support materials in the parent and student section) but also at celebrating the things that make the ‘whole’ child.

Daulton Redmond

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  1. Just ‘WOW!’ ‘WOW!’ ‘WOW!’ What a dynamic ‘looking’ website! Kid-centric, kid-friendly, smiles everywhere!

    A smiling Principal and smiling children … loving learning! How infectious! (Daulton you always were a smiling tour de force!)

    I haven’t visited the site for a while – but gone are the dry old days!

    (Sorry – but it used to be rather ‘bottled in aspic’ – poikilothermic (cold-blooded) – information driven – not HUMANOID!)

    Now I want to be a kid!

    I want to go to your school!

    I want to be eleven again!

    Fun. Fun. Fun. Wow! Wow! Wow!

    Learn! Learn! Learn!

    Stunning visuals! Superb images and what a range of talents and activities.

    I shall stop now.

    Paul Monaghan (ex-pupil!)

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