Loans Information


6 – Number of resources students can borrow at one time
2 – Number of weeks resources can be borrowed for

To borrow fiction, non-fiction and audio books you must:

  1. Choose your book(s)
  2. Take your book(s) to the main desk
  3. Give the librarian your name
  4. The librarian will then issue your book and stamp the return date onto it before returning it to you to take away.

If you would like to renew your books for a further two weeks then please ask the librarian to update your loan.


When returning books you must hand them back in to the librarian, who will remove them from your name on the system. Please don’t just return your books to the shelf.


Please make sure that all books are returned on time. Students will have to pay a fine of £1 as soon as books are a month overdue, and will not be permitted to use the LRC computers while they have overdue books under their name. Any books that are not returned will have to be paid for in full.