Letter to the new Year 7s (September 2015)

Year 6 students will now know if they are coming to the RSA Academy in September. Last week our Student Parliament produced this welcome for our ‘new Year 7’! We hope you are looking forward to coming here. There is information about our Summer School on the website and these sections will be added to over the coming months.

Letter to the new Year 7s (September 2015)

Dear Year 7s of 2015

It won’t be long before you have to say goodbye to your primary school and say hello to the RSA Academy.  It must seem really scary in your mind but there’s really nothing to worry about.  I’ve been here for 3 years and I remember being terrified too! It’s actually a really exciting place to be!

One of your fears might be;

‘The Academy is so big! I will get lost!’

You won’t!  Well maybe.  I did but you’ll get used to it quickly.  You’ll have a tour around the school first and on our first day you’ll get a timetable that tells you where to go.  Most of your Y7 lessons will be on the ground floor anyway and by the time you get to Year 8, you’ll know the school like the back of your hand!

‘Will I be with my friends?’

In Year 7 yes.  You’ll be with a few friends, but at some point you’ll have to make the effort and make new friends!  You’ll have lots of opportunities to do this through the Summer School and the Induction days.  It’s honestly great!  I’m now in Year 9 and I have classes with new friends and friends from my primary school too.

Don’t worry about coming to the RSA Academy!  It’s a great place to be!

Maris Lloyd Year 9

Student Parliament 

I’m Sam Howarth and I’m a member of Student Parliament. Student Parliament helps to improve the school as well as helping the community. At the moment we are working on a photo campaign called #ReallySuperAcademy, which helps students to feel great about the Academy.  At Christmas we collected food and made hampers for the local foodbank to give to families.  Next week Mr Redmond will be visiting Student Parliament to listen to our ideas about how we can make the Academy even better!

Here’s some pictures from our campaign.

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famconnections opportunitiesaround..

Sam Howarth Year 7

RSA Poem 

Everyday  is an adventure

Every lesson a new challenge

Every new fact we learn

Is a tip for our future

Here we develop our skills

In every lesson every day


RSA is a chance for you

To show your talents, dreams and achievements

It’s a new start to our lives

A new start for the future

Everyone is treated with respect

Everyone has equal rights and responsibility

This is the RSA Academy

Weronika Lamejko Year 7