Leadership in Post 16

The Academy offers a broad Leadership Programme across all year groups.  In Post 16, there is an opportunity to get involved in the Post 16 Leadership Programme. This may range from applying to become Head Boy or Head Girl, or leading our Student Parliament as Parliamentary Leader.  In addition we have ambassadors representing the main pathways through IB, IBCC and Vocational.

Students, who embark on the leadership journey with us, can expect to be offered a number of opportunities and a full bespoke training programme to support them.  This may include presentation skills, team-building, residentials, cultural visits and visits to other Academies within the RSA Family.  P16 Leaders, in consultation with staff, are encouraged to come up with their own action plan to improve life at the Academy for themselves and their peers.

Students who have participated in Leadership activities in Post 16 have commented on how the programme has helped them to gain success in all aspects of their life, from a growth in confidence to success at interviews with future employers, colleges and universities.


RSA8 is a bespoke Year 8 programme designed for the RSA Family of Academies, to include the citizenship ethos of the RSA.  The programme includes a series of workshops taking place across the Family with reciprocal visits with 10 students from each of the Academies.  The workshops run in conjunction with RSA Fellows who wish to get involved with supporting the young people within the RSA Family.

Student Parliament

The role of the Academy’s Student Parliament is listen to the voice of the wider student body.  Through meetings and workshops each week they discuss issues affecting students both in and out of the Academy, looking for ideas and solutions to support their peers.  They also get involved in raising money and awareness for charities as well as working closely with the P16 Leadership team on different projects.

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