Core PE Pathways

Key Stage 3
In Years 7 and 8 all students will take part in a wide range of sporting and physical activities throughout the year.  Students will be provided with the opportunity to engage in physical activities to inspire them to follow a healthy and active lifestyle.

Activities that students will cover include: football, table tennis, team building, striking and fielding, athletics, netball and fitness.

Key Stage 4
Within Key Stage 4, Physical Education students have the choice to follow a Core PE pathway of their choice. There are 4 pathways which students can chose from: competitive, fitness, aesthetics and leadership; all of which have a range of activities that the students participate in over the year.

Competitive Aesthetics Coaching and Leadership Fitness
Football Gymnastics Teambuilding Activities Circuit Training
Handball Trampolining Games for Understanding Indoor Rowing
Rugby Aerobics Badminton X Country
Rounder’s Cheerleading SAQ Aerobics
Badminton Pilates Table Tennis SAQ
Basketball Core Fitness Instructing Fitness Training Methods
Cricket Bench ball Rounder’s Fitness Testing
Volleyball Power Walking Handball / Football Core Fitness
Netball Team Building Activities Netball / Bench ball My Personal Fitness
Table Tennis   Circuit Training