Supporting your child

On this page we have put together some useful advice on supporting your child’s learning. Further information and guidance on parental involvement in school life is available on the BBC website.

If you would like clarification on Academy Policy or information about your child’s education, please contact their Form Tutor. If you require any parenting support please contact our Safeguarding and Early Help Co-ordinator Mrs Baker.

Mrs Baker – Safeguarding and Early Help Co-ordinator

Tel: 0121 5067863


The beginning of the day

The beginning of the school day can be a rush for everyone. Your child will need to be far more organised at the Academy than they were at primary school. Establishing a routine in the morning and evening will help the day start smoothly and with minimum stress.

Tips for a positive start to the school day:

  • encourage your child to pack their bag and lay out their uniform before going to bed each evening
  • try to make sure your child takes advantage of what’s on offer and eats their free breakfast – this provides essential energy and will help him or her perform better at the Academy
  • allow plenty of time for your child to get to the Academy – build extra time into your morning routine so that if there are transport or other problems he or she won’t be late for first lesson
  • check their planner each evening and sign them once per week, ask for letters home or permission forms to sign as this will help avoid early morning panic and items being forgotten

Other ways to support your child’s learning

You may not be reading with your child as you did at primary school but you can still support good reading habits. Talk to your child about the books you’re both reading. Ask what books your child would like for birthday and Christmas presents. Go to the library together – if your child is stuck for a new author, ask the librarian for guidance or look online at book reviews.

Keeping up-to-date with the news helps with schoolwork. Try to encourage your child to read a newspaper or a news website at least once or twice a week. Find news stories that connect to lesson topics. If your child is researching a subject, suggest the online archives of a good newspaper or the BBC website.

If you’re planning a day out, visit a museum or gallery that will tie in with work your child is doing in subjects such as Art, English, History, Geography or Science – this can be a fun way to add depth and interest to your child’s learning.

Home – Academy Agreement

As part of your child’s induction into the Academy both you and your child must sign the Home – Academy Agreement. The purpose of the Home – Academy Agreement is to promote good relations between home and the Academy for the benefit of the student.

A template copy of the latest Home – Academy Agreement is available here.

Keep your details up to date

It is absolutely vital that we can contact you or a member of your child’s family in case of an emergency. Our staff will also use your contact details should they need to discuss any aspect of your child’s learning and any problems they may be having both inside and outside of class.

You can update your contact details either by sending an email to via a registered email address, sending the changes in via the Schoolcomms app or via the link in the Go4Schools Parent Portal. Please note the Academy will not accept change of address notification via telephone or any email address that has not been previously identified as your own. You can also update your contact details by sending a letter into your child’s Form Tutor or visiting the Academy in person.

Support your child with their revision

The best way to support your child during the stress of revision and exams is to make home life as calm and pleasant as possible. It helps if other members of the household are aware that your child may be under pressure and that allowances should be made for this.

If your child is given study leave in the run-up to exams, try to be at home as much as possible so that you can share a break and a chat together.

Make sure there are plenty of healthy snacks in the fridge and try to provide good, nutritious food at regular intervals. Encourage your child to join family meals, even if it’s a busy revision day – it’s important to have a change of scene and get away from the books and computer for a while. Also encourage your child to take regular exercise. A brisk walk around the block can help clear the mind before the next revision session.

Try not to nag or make too many demands on your child during exam time. Arguments are counter-productive and will only add unnecessary stress and distract from revision.

It’s important to get a good night’s sleep before an exam, so discourage your child from staying up late to cram. And make sure he or she eats a good breakfast on the morning of the exam (encourage them to take advantage of the free breakfast at the Academy).

Every year the Academy produces a guide to support parents in helping their child with GCSE revision. The latest copy of the parents guide to study and revision skills for GCSE is available below: