School Gateway

Save money by downloading the School Gateway app If you have a smartphone, both you and the Academy can save money when you download the ‘School Gateway’ app from your app store (Android and iPhone).

We’re aiming to get 50% of parents using the app by September 2015 – please help us achieve thisMr. Redmond

Once you’ve downloaded the app, our texts will be delivered to you as instant app messages, saving us the cost of texting. Any messages that you send to the Academy using the app will be FREE of charge to you. It’s quick and easy to do. All you need to activate the app for the first time are your email address and mobile number that the Academy holds on record for you. If you have trouble logging in please call us on 0121 5561351 and ask to speak to the IT Support Desk. Alternatively, you can email

At present the app is available for Apple and Android devices only. Schoolcomms based this on market coverage of these operating systems. The decision about whether to release a Windows app or a Blackberry one will be down to demand. Therefore, if you have a Windows or Blackberry phone and would like an app to be available please can you email and we will collate a list for the Schoolcomms team. That way, they will be able to put together a case for these apps if demand is high enough.