Attendance information for parents

First day response

If your child has not arrived at the Academy and we have not received a call, text, e-mail or letter from you explaining this then you will receive an automated truancy call. This call will continue throughout the day until we have received a response. If we still do not receive a response our Academy Liaison Officer (Jim Andrews) will make a home visit to determine the reason for your child’s absence. A record will be kept of all efforts to contact parents/carers.

Letters home

Where appropriate the Attendance team together with Heads of House will generate letters regarding absences and/or poor punctuality.

Students whose attendance drops below 96% will automatically receive a stage one letter.

Students whose attendance drops below 90% will automatically receive a stage two letter asking parents to come and meet our Attendance Manager (Mr Sembhi) so that we can discuss your child’s attendance.

Students whose attendance drops below 85% will automatically receive a stage three letter warning that parents could be liable to legal action.

Students whose attendance drops below 80% will automatically receive a 15-day notice stating that the Local Authority is able to take legal action in the form of court action or penalty notices against parents for their child’s poor attendance.

Authorised and unauthorised absence

We will only authorise an absence if:

  • The Academy has received a letter or phone call from the parent/carer explaining an absence and we agree that the reason is valid.
  • Reasons that are valid include: illness, medical appointments (though families are encouraged to make these out of Academy hours), days of religious observance, interviews with prospective employment/colleges, study leave, exclusion and family bereavement.

Unauthorised absence – an absence will be classed as unauthorised if:

  • No reason for absence has been given.
  • A reason for an absence has been received but the Academy disagrees that the reason is valid.

Reasons that are not valid include; tiredness, illness of a sibling or parent, a birthday, over-sleeping, going shopping, all-day medical appointment (unless it is a specific appointment that does last all day), family holidays and not feeling like going to school.


If your child is late to the first lesson of the Academy day at any time during the week, they will be expected to make the time up with their Head of House on Fridays at 2.15pm. Parents will receive a text message the day before informing them that their child will be kept back at the end of Friday. Your child will also be informed during Mentoring and Guidance time the day before of the amount of time they will be expected to stay. Please contact your child’s tutor if there are any problems with these arrangements.