Thank you all Year 11 parents for attending our Revision evening, please find below all revision materials:

At the RSA Academy, one of our core beliefs is that the current progress and future success of every student is enhanced through effective partnership between the Academy and our parents and carers. We pride ourselves on open, regular communication and encourage all parents and carers to get in touch if they have any worries about their child or want to let us know about external issues which may affect their child in school. Your best point of contact for general concerns, is your child’s Form Tutor.

List of Academy Form Tutors

In addition to regular contact with your child’s Form Tutor we also offer two other important ways to help you track your child’s progress through the Academy. They are:

  • Progress Reports (see below).
  • Progress Review Meetings.

You can view more information on these tools in the following documents: Key Stage 3 (years 7 and 8) Key Stage 4 (years 9, 10 and 11) and Key Stage 5 (years 12 and 13).

Tools for parents and carers.

As a parent or carer at the RSA Academy you are provided with access to the following systems to make sharing information, booking appointments and making payments as easy as possible.

  • Online Reports Portal – Go4Schools – Access to your child’s Progress Report is available via our online Parent Portal Go4Schools. You can access Go4Schools via the link at the top of our website, at the bottom of this page or via this link.
  • Communication – Schoolcomms – We’re making communication easier, faster and more effective. We are pleased to advise that we’ve introduced a new service – ‘School Gateway’. This means that we can communicate with parents more quickly and cost effectively via email, text and smartphone app. Help us save money by downloading the School Gateway app today. Click here to find out more.
  • * Making payments – Wisepay – provides busy parents with a quick and easy way to make online payments to the Academy. Parents can make their payments online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from work, from home or whilst they are on the move via their mobiles. Click here to find out more.

* Please note we will be changing our online payment system to School Comms in September 2015. Parents will be notified when any changes are finalised and given guidance on using the new system.

Important information regarding morning lates

If your child is late to the first lesson of the Academy day at any time during the week, they will be expected to make the time up with their Head of House on Fridays at 2.15pm. Parents will receive a text message the day before, informing them that their child will be kept back at the end of Friday. Your child will also be informed, during Mentoring and Guidance time the day before, of the amount of time they will be expected to stay. Please contact your child’s tutor if there are any problems with these arrangements.

All parents please note

We are continually reviewing how we communicate with you; keeping you up to date with the latest news and events, while giving you information on your child’s progress is one of our key priorities. This year we will be investing in systems, including this website, to help improve our communication with you. If you have any suggestions or would like to be involved in this process please join us for one of our Parent Council meetings or email with your suggestion.