Welcome from the Chair of Governors

The RSA is an impressive organisation with over 28,000 members, people of influence who have achieved excellence within their own fields of expertise, ranging from architects to engineers, accountants to university Vice Chancellors, and from actors to politicians. The Academy works closely with the RSA and its members, many of whom welcome the opportunity to get directly involved with the Academy.

The Academy is hugely important because it is a physical and long lasting symbol of the RSA’s commitment to education and to the people of Tipton. The RSA sponsorship of the Academy is designed to help and support the local community and ensure that every young person is equipped with the knowledge and skills they will need to make a success of their lives.

I am delighted that the RSA has sponsored an Academy and am equally delighted to be its Chair of Governors

The Governors wish to ensure that the Academy meets the needs of all students and families. It is vitally important to us that we know and understand your views and opinions and for this reason the Parent Council and Student Parliament are vital links to the Governing Body.

The Governors are firmly committed to making sure that the Academy is a first class learning institution.

There have been many important developments since the RSA Academy opened in 2008. There has been tremendous improvement in our GCSE results; we have successfully introduced the International Baccalaureate (IB) – one of very few schools in the West Midlands to offer this prestigious qualification; and we complement the IB with the new IBCC (the International Baccalaureate Career related Certificate). Our Post-16 students continue to secure their first choices of university as a result of their excellent IB grades; including this year a place at the University of Manchester to study Architecture.

The Opening Minds curriculum is proving successful and the Academy has welcomed many visitors from home and abroad to see for themselves what we are offering. The range of activities available is extensive, our drama and music productions have attracted great reviews and many students have experienced extended visits to venues both in the UK and abroad.

I was delighted to read a comment from one of our parents which is quoted in our Ofsted report: ‘I feel that the teaching at this school is not just about education. It is about values, beliefs and the future’. I couldn’t have put it better myself. Each one of our students deserves every chance to develop their talents and abilities to achieve as highly as possible. That is the goal of the Academy. Key to this is our staff, students and their parents and here we have the best. The future for the Academy is truly bright.

Philippa Cordingley - Chair of Governors

RSA Academy Governors


Sponsor Governor – Chair of Governors and Chair of Quality Standards and Curriculum Committee

Chief Executive Officer – Curee


Sponsor Governor – Chair of Audit Risk and Governance Committee                                                 

Member – George Green LLP     Director – Beadwell Hall Flats Ltd


Sponsor Governor – Chair Finance and General Purposes Committee

Director – RED Ltd


Co-Opted Governor – Chair Pay and Personnel Committee

Head of Employee Relations and HR for Group Services – Carillion Plc


Staff Governor


Sponsor Governor

Interim Director RSA Global


Co-Opted Governor – Governor

Head of Partnerships – UK Trade and Investment


Sponsor Governor

Independent Education Consultant


Parent Governor

IT Manager – BT Plc


Sponsor Governor – Safeguarding and SEND Governor

Chief Executive Officer – The CoED Foundation

Governors’Committee Membership 2015-16


Committee: Audit, Risk & Governance (AR&G)

Finance & General Purposes


Pay & Personnel


Quality, Standards & Curriculum


Full Governing Body


Chair: Paul Bennett Rachel Eade Liz Keates Philippa Cordingley Philippa Cordingley
Membership: Rachel Eade Paul Bennett Simon Foley Gilroy Brown Paul Bennett
Liz Keates Ivan Richards Principal Maurice Coles Rachel Eade
Principal Principal Gilroy Brown (T) Principal Principal
Philippa Cordingley Steve Havins Maurice Coles (T) Simon Foley Gilroy Brown
Joe Hallgarten Simon Foley
Ivan Richards
Maurice Coles
Liz Keates
Steve Havins
Joe Hallgarten
(Based on total of 11 governors)
4 4 4 4 4
Staff attendance: (Non Membership and non-voting) Sarah Barnes

(Vice Principal Student Progress)

Tim Morton

(Strategic Lead of IT)

Jane Newport

(Governance Manager)

Kate Hillman

(Business Manager)

Jane Newport

(Governance Manager)


Julie Jones

(Director of Student Services)

Clare Smith

(HR Manager)

Jane Newport

(Governance Manager)

Mat Carpenter

(Vice Principal Teaching & Learning)

Jane Newport

(Governance Manager)

Jane Newport

(Governance Manager)

(T) denotes Temporary membership of an additional committee

Sally Weale will be attending QSC & FGB as an observer 2015/16 before becoming a governor in 2016/17.

 Declaration of Business Interests 

Name Date of Appointment Term of Office Resignation Date Business & Financial Interests
Mr Joe Hallgarten 10/12/2015 4 Years Yes – Trustee at Fuel Theatre Productions
Mr Ivan Richards 09/11/2012 4 Years NIL
Mr Maurice Coles 07/06/2013 4 Years NIL
Mr Simon Foley 01/09/2013 4 Years NIL
Mr Daulton Redmond 01/09/2013 N/A NIL
Rachel Eade 17/06/2014 4 Years NIL
Mr. Paul Bennett 19/12/2014 4 Years Yes – Member of George Green LLP and Director of Beadivell Hall Flats Management Compnay Ltd
Gilroy Brown 05/02/2015 4 Years NIL
Mrs Liz Keates 23/06/2015 4 Years NIL
Mr Steve Havins 10/12/2015 4 Years NIL
Ms Philippa Cordingley 10/10/2012 4 Years Yes – Chief Executive of Curee

Current Membership

Governor Appointed Term Of Office End of Term of Office Category Appointed by:
Ms Philippa Cordingley 10.10.2012 4 Years 10.10.2016 Sponsor RSA
Mr Ivan Richards 09.11.2012 4 Years 09.11.2016 Staff Staff
Mr Maurice Coles 07.06.2013 4 Years 07.06.2017 Sponsor RSA
Mr Simon Foley 01.09.2013 4 Years 01.09.2017 Parent Parent Council
Mr Daulton Redmond 01.09.2013 na n/a Principal Ex Officio Governor
Rachel Eade 17.06.2014 4 Years 17.06.2018 Sponsor RSA
Mr. Paul Bennett 19.12.2014 4 Years 19.12.2018 Sponsor RSA
Gilroy Brown 05.02.2015 4 Years 05.02.2019 Sponsor RSA
Mrs Liz Keates 23.06.2015 4 Years 23.06.2019 Co-opted Governing Body
Mr Steve Havins 10.12.2016 4 Years 10.12.2020 Co-opted Governing Body
Mr Joe Hallgarten 10.12.2016 4 Years 10.12.2020 Sponsor RSA


Previous governors (for reference)
Ms Jacqueline Blake 15.10.2013 4 Years 15.10.2017 Co-opted Governing Body
Mr Michael Sturge 01.06.2008 4 Years 01.06.2016 Sponsor RSA
Ms Louise Thomas 27.04.2012 4 Years 27.04.2016 Sponsor RSA
Mr Matthew Taylor 12.07.2007 na Sponsor RSA
Mr Neil Straker 21.03.2013 4 Years 21.03.2017 Sponsor RSA
Ms Lesley James 01.06.2008 4 Years 01.06.2016 Co-opted Governing Body