Edge hill University Maths Challenge Success

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Great News!

Five of our year 9 students have successfully completed stage 1 of the Edge Hill University Maths Challenge.

This now means that Ebony,  Ewan, Leah,  Cerys and Abbeygale are through to stage 2 which they will be working on together after school over the next two weeks. If they successfully complete the stage 2 problem they have been set they will go through to the final.

The expected date for the final is 5th July 2017.

All finalists will receive a participation certificate and a gift.

The top three teams will receive the following prizes:

• 1st Place:  The Pythagoras prize. A graphical calculator for each team member plus a class size set for the Mathematics department.

• 2nd Place: The Newton prize. £30 gift voucher for each team member.

• 3rd Place: The Galileo prize. £20 gift voucher for each team member

Please congratulate the students as this is a great ongoing achievement.


Mr Parsons
(PE/Maths Teacher)

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